Services We Offer

Adaptive Aids

We provide adaptive aids through Medicare, other Medicaid benefits, or other subcontractor resources. These aids will include are vehicle modifications, service animals and supplies, environmental adaptations, and aids for daily living, such as reachers, adapted utensils, certain types of lifts, pill keepers reminder devices, signs, calendars, planners, and storage devices.

Supported Home Living

We directly provide supported home living to individuals residing in their own or family residence that is not owned by Compass Community Care Inc. This service will include activities that facilitate the individual's inclusion in community activities, use of natural supports and typical community services available to all people, social interaction and participation in leisure activities, and development of socially valued behaviors and daily living and functional living skills.

Assisted Living

We provide assisted living services. The services will be personal care, homemaker, and chore services, medication oversight and therapeutic, social, and recreational programming provided in a home-like environment in a licensed community setting in conjunction with residing in the assisted living setting. The service will include involve 24-hour on-site response s to meet scheduled or unpredictable needs in a way that promotes maximum dignity and independence, and to provide supervision, safety, and security to the client.

Supervised Living

We provide supervised living; services that provides residential assistance as needed by the clients who live in residences in which Compass Community Care Inc. holds a property interest and that meet program certification standards. As needed, this service may also include assistance in promoting positive social interactions, as well as services to instruct clients in accessing and using community resources.

Nursing Services

We directly provide nursing services only after benefits available through Medicare, Medicaid, or other third party resources have been exhausted or are not applicable, including home health benefits. The nursing services will cover ongoing chronic conditions such as wound care, medication administration (including training, monitoring, and evaluation of side effects), and supervising delegated tasks.

Community Psychiatric supports and Treatment

Compass Community Care Inc. will, through his licensed professionals, provide psychiatric and treatments services: services that addresses specific client evidence-based and needs with evidence-informed psychotherapeutic practices designed specifically to meet those needs. Examples of practices that can be used by our licensed professionals may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), cognitive Processing Therapy (CP) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Employment Assistance Services

At Compass Community Care Inc., we provide employment services following evidence-based or evidence-informed practices.

We use employment services to enable a client gain work-related experience considered crucial for job placement (e.g., unpaid internship), only if such experience is vital to the person to achieve his or her vocational goal. The employment services shall be individualized and extended as needed to assist the client attain and maintain meaningful work.

Home Delivered Meals

We provide home delivered meals services to avail nutritionally sound meal to client. We strive to provide a minimum of one-third of the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for the client as adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture. Compass Community Care Inc. will advise the clients that the home delivered meals do not constitute a full nutritional regimen.

Minor Home Modification

We provide minor home modifications in accordance with applicable state or local building codes. The agency will ensure compliance with the requirements for delivery of minor home modifications, which include requirements as to type of allowed modifications, time frames for completion, specifications for the modification inspections of modifications, and follow-up on the completion of the modification. The minor home modifications shall address specific functional limitations documented in the IRP and must be approved by DSHS.

Peer Support

We provide recovery-focused services peer support services provided by Certified Peer Specialists who are in recovery from mental illness and/or substance use disorders. Peer Support shall be aimed at promoting the development of skills for coping with symptoms of SMI and or substance use disorders, which includes the identification and or development of natural supports and strengths.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

We will, through our licensed professionals, provide psychosocial rehabilitation Services intended to achieve the identified goals or objectives as set forth in the individual’s IRP.

Respite Care

We provide respite services for planned or emergency short—term relief for natural, unpaid caregivers. Respite shall be provided intermittently when the natural caregiver is temporarily unavailable to provide supports. Other services indicated on the IRP may be provided during the period of respite. Compass Community Care Inc. will ensure that respite is provided in accordance with the IRP. In-home respite will be provided in the individual’s home or place of residence, or in the home of a family member or friend. Out-of-home respite can be provided in adult foster care homes, 24-hour residential habilitation home, licensed assisted living facilities and licensed nursing facilities.

Substance Use Disorder Services

We provide Substance Use Disorder (SUD); specialized to meet the needs of clients who have experienced extended institutional placement. The services will be aimed at assisting the client in achieving specific recovery goals identified in the IRP and in preventing relapse.

Transition Assistance Services

We provide transition assistance services which may include:

Security deposits for leases on apartments or homes, essential household furnishings and expenses required to occupy and use a community domicile (including furniture, window coverings, food preparation items, and bed and bath linens);

Set—up fees or deposits for utility or service access, including telephone, electricity, gas, and water;

Services necessary for an individual's health and welfare, such as pest eradication and one-time cleaning prior to occupancy; and

Activities to assess need, arrange for, and procure needed resources (limited to up to 180 consecutive days prior to discharge).

Transportation Services

We provide transportation services to clients without duplicating the transportation provided as part of other services or under the State Plan medical transportation benefit. The transportation services will be provided in support of the client’s recovery goals as identified on the IRP. Compass Community Care Inc. will direct the subcontractors not to bill for the service time spent transporting a HCBS-AMH participant when the transportation is related to or a part of another HCBS-AMH service such as Supported Home Living or Employment Services.

Flexible Funds

We issue Flexible Fund vouchers to clients so as to alleviate temporary situations caused or exacerbated by mental disorders that might otherwise result in accessing a higher level of care. Vouchers may include motel stays, transportation, food, clothing, or other items.